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help help make the Sowebo Festival happen!

We are looking for volunteers to staff the information booth, sell beer, assist in gallery spaces, and help with setup and clean up. Volunteers will receive a SOWEBO Fest t-shirt and a food/drink coupon as a thank you for your time!

Shifts available:

Please sign up for multiple shifts if you are able

(extra beer tickets 😂)

Saturday, May 25 | 10AM - NOON | Clean and setup

Sunday, May 26 | 10AM - 12 PM | Set-up

Sunday, May 26: Noon - 2 PM (Event operations)

Sunday, May 26: 2 PM - 4 PM (Event operations)

Sunday, May 26: 4 PM - 6 PM (Event operations)

Sunday, May 26: 7 PM - CLOSE (Breakdown and clean-up)

Monday, May 27: 11 AM - 1 PM (Clean-up of Market perimeter)

Report to the Info Booth at 1120 Hollins Street

Assistance Needed with:

Event setup - mark sites for vendors; stage street blockage and no parking signage; prepare information shop; prepare artist galleries; prepare volunteer station.

Event operations - volunteer management; music and stage management; vendor management; event info booth management; event concierges; keep beer and ice well stocked; empty trash cans as needed.

Event breakdown - disassemble site equipment; organize flow of traffic for vendors to exit; cleanup stage areas; provide vendors with trash bags.

Event Canvasser - promote the event within one-mile radius of Market site; share parking information for residents/workers/businesses immediately within event footprint.

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