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Sowebofest 2019 RETURNING Vendor Payment

RETURNING Arts and Crafts Vendors


PLEASE NOTE: Arts and Crafts Vendors must be selling their own, original work, made by the artist or crafter. If you are selling goods made by others you may register as a commercial vendor. If you have any questions, please contact for clarification before applying!

RETURNING Arts & Crafts Vendor Fees:

  • $35 until April 15th with email invitation and prior year confirmed participation. If you are here after April 15th, please use the regular vendor sign up, click above on Be a Vendor.

  • This is a special price only for returning vendors. If you did not receive this by email directly, you will not be allowed to use this price.

Please note: In order to cover fees for online payment, the early bird cost will include an extra $1.50. Thanks for your understanding.

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